2012… A Good Year for Associates

2012… A Good Year for Associates

We are delighted to announce the appointment of four new Associates as Jane Darbyshire and David Kendall begins its 25th year since formation in 1987.

Two of the new Associates are architects, Stuart Franklin, a Newcastle University graduate, and Adam Vaughan, a Sheffield University graduate, who joined JDDK in 1999 and 2005 respectively, and bring a wealth of design flair to their new roles. The promotion to Associates of technologists Andrew Rutherford and Matthew Holmes, who joined the practice in 2000 and 2004 respectively, reflects the practice’s equal focus on design quality and practical delivery of projects embracing  the latest  digitial  technology.

JDDK Director, Nicky Watson, explained the appointments, “We’re delighted to promote our four colleagues to Associate status in  recognition of the major and increasing  contribution they make to the practice.

“All four bring very different but complementary skills – Stuart and Adam have both built up very strong relationships with their own clients and it’s entirely correct that these clients deal with senior staff. In addition to general architectural design work, Stuart has tended to specialise in education and health projects while Adam’s specialisations have recently included sustainability, housing and work with  historic buildings, for which  he is RIBA accredited.’’

“Andy Rutherford has consistently produced superb work in the technical development of designs ever since he joined the practice and now also handles the management of our day-to-day IT systems. His fellow technologist, Matt Holmes, has an architectural background to his education and now specialises in Building Information Modelling (BIM), an expertise in this digital information processing that we believe is fundamental to the growth of our practice. Matt is still  the only NE candidate who has achieved 100% in certification of use of this software.”

“The appointments of the four new Associates to join Nicky Hodgson, our Senior Associate, is an important step for the practice which builds on our current strengths in design and delivery and will help to make us even more competitive and able to react to the challenges of client and industry requirements more efficiently in future.”

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