Early in 2019, we outlined our work for the Byker Community Trust (BCT), now part of Karbon Homes. The project involved the design of environmental improvements to a pilot area after meeting a Steering Group of tenants to gain insight on the environmental issues affecting the Estate and their preferred options to resolve these.

Following the announcement of an £11 million investment programme from BCT between now and 2029, these improvements are set to commence this summer with works addressing waste management, creation of safe play and open spaces, improved fencing and landscaping across the estate.

BCT worked with ourselves on the wider consultation and we have developed a master plan for the area which includes proposals that are affordable, meet the investment priorities and are delivered in line with the estate’s Grade II* listing. Representatives from Historic England and conservation and planning officers from Newcastle City Council have also been involved throughout the process.

As part of the delivery plans, the estate has been separated into 11 distinct neighbourhood areas for the implementation of the works, all of which have their own unique characteristics.

Dunn Terrace and Headlam Green are the first two areas on the estate to benefit from these improvements and consultation with customers began this week on the installation of new communal bin stores and the introduction of recycling facilities.


The public areas of Dunn Terrace (above at present) will be transformed with hard and soft landscaping.

Michelle Bell, Assistant Director Byker Community at Karbon Homes, said, “It’s great to see the delivery of these improvements get underway. Customers living in Byker told us their main priority was waste management, so we’re tackling this first and we’ll use these as pilots, gathering feedback from our customers living in these areas, before rolling out waste management improvements across the estate.

“Dunn Terrance will also be the first neighbourhood to benefit from other improvements including increased play provision for children and young people, fencing replacement and tree management. We’ve invited all customers living in this area to give us their views and feedback on the proposed designs for their neighbourhood.”

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